Friday 5th July 2019 - BENGALI COOKING


If you have not tried Bengali cuisine then you are definitely missing out. It's very different to Indian flavours with its own distinctive culinary history and palate. Nasima, being a Bengali by birth, has wealth of experience, where she learnt to cook with her mum in their kitchen in Hampshire. Having grown up in Bangladesh herself, cooking Bengali food with freshest ingredients is second to nature. 


There are so many different varieties of Bengali recipes and all are so tasty in their own right. Bengali dishes are usually based around fish, beef, rice and lots of vegetables. Bengali cuisine is also famous for their numerous types condiments known as bortas, which is a cobination of different herbs and vegetables mashed or course ground to eat with rice and chutney.


What's Included:


- Includes all ingredients and other equipment. 

- 3 hours hands-on class


- Individual workstation & hob

-  Free tea, coffee & refreshments

- Maximum 8 participants per session

- Location - Windsor/Berkshire

- Opportunity to meet like-minded people

Bengali Cooking Class - 10:30am - 13:30pm

  • STARTER - Aloor Chop (Potato Cutlet)

    MAIN - Fish Curry  with mustard +  Steam Rice

    DESSERT - Coconut Pob (Coconut Pastry)

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