Friday 28thJune 2019


Thai cuisine has become a popular eating-out experience in the UK for the past two decades.  It’s well known for its complex flavours combining hot and sour, sweet, bitter, tangy and spicy flavours to their uniquely crafted dishes. Thai cooking is a healthier alternative to other Asian cuisine as the use of oil is kept to a minimum, using a combination of dried and fresh ingredients and lots of herbs, to create a wealth of mouthwatering dishes.


Our Thai cooking classes will give you the opportunity to explore the elaborate ingredients used in Thai cooking, giving you a chance to learn about the  textures, colours and flavours of this unique cuisine. You will get to create popular Thai curries served in restaurants leaving you with a wealth of knowledge.


What's Included:

- Includes all ingredients and other equipment. 

- 3 hours hands-on class


- Individual workstation & hob

-  Free tea, coffee & refreshments

- Maximum 8 participants per session

- Location - Windsor/Berkshire

- Opportunity to meet like-minded people

Thai Cooking Class - 10:30am - 13:30pm

  • STARTERS - Fish and Prawn Dimsum / Gyoza

    MAINS- Thai Green Curry with Sticky Rice

    DESSERT - Mango Pudding

    EXTRA - Garnishing Techniques

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