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This is an e-book which, once purchased, you get to download it as a PDF.


Easy Ramadan Recipes' has over 50 delicious recipes with beautiful photographs with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. The recipes are perfect for your Iftar and Suhoor meals.

Are you always asking your self "What shall I make for Iftar?" Well, you can relax now. With this amazing Ramadan cookbook, your Ramadan meal prep can be more pleasant and enjoyable.

There are tips and cheat methods to make your food preparation less stressful. The book also draws upon Islamic etiquettes of eating and breaking your fast.

This isn't just a book for Ramadan but can be used throughout the year for quick snacks, parties and get-togethers.


The recipes are a mix of traditional classic dishes the author has grown up with, as well as and creative dishes. The main inspirations are Bangladeshi, Mediterranean, and Thai cuisines.

Having a book with all Ramadan recipes in one place will allow you to provide more variety and healthy meals at your Iftar table.

Easy Ramadan Recipe E-book

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