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Private Dining Experience

Chef Nasima Khatun

"Magical moments are created by unique experiences."

Meals and restaurants today are all too often ordinary and easily forgotten. We exist to help the world discover dining experiences that aren’t just memorable, they become stories you want to tell over and over.

Whether you are after an intimate fine dining dinner party or a sensational soiree, chef Nasima will come to your chosen venue and will deliver you an unforgettable gourmet experience. We pay attention to every detail and make sure your event runs smoothly so that you and your guests have a wonderful and scrumptious experience.


- Fruit and Vegetable Carving Experience

- Thai and Oriental Cuisine

- Indian, Bengali and South Asian Cuisine

- Mediterranean Cuisine

Events to Consider

- Girls Night In

- Birthday Parties

- Anniversary Celebration

- Office Team Building Events

- Office Parties

- Christmas Parties

- Baby Shower


Be in the Know

If you are passionate about cooking, carving or any aspects of food lifestyle, then why not join our cooking club. We will keep you posted about our courses, supper clubs and cooking challenges.

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