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'Easy Ramadan Recipes' - Hardback book

Are you always running out of ideas on what to prepare for your Iftar meals?


  • Do you wish you could provide more variety and healthy meals at your Iftar table?

  • Do you find making Ramadan meals whilst fasting really daunting?

  • Yes, I have been there too!


  • But what if I told you that I have created this “Easy Ramadan Recipes” to make your life easier.


It’s not just a recipe book, but a "how to make your life easy" book!

With such a busy life, we all have limited time and the last thing we want is to spend our whole fasting day stressing and worrying about what to cook?

Well, you can relax now. With a little bit of pre-planning and forethought, your Ramadan meal prep can be more pleasant and enjoyable.


'Easy Ramadan Recipes' book has nearly 60 delicious recipes with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. There are tips and cheats methods on how to make your food prep less stressful.


The recipes are a mix of traditional Bengali classic dishes I have grown up with as well as creative dishes I have curated myself. The main inspirations are Bangladeshi, Indian, Mediterranean and Thai cuisine.


I have tried to keep most of the recipes as healthy as possible and suggested alternative healthier methods of cooking. 

It is now available on amazon as a hardback cover or as Kindle for instant access.

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Nearly 60 recipes to try!

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Which one will you try first?

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