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Fun with Fruits - The Exotic Way


As the weather took a downward turn this month with heavy blizzards and storm, we have something to cheer you up; 'Fruitima's fruits salsa'.

At fruitima, we have come up with a new concept of eating fruits - an exotic way of eating your five-a-day. Instead of making your regular fruit salad, try adding a little pazzaz in your fruits and let the taste bud take you places.

This is exactly what we did at a recent event.

At the Redbridge mayoral community event in September, Fruitima was proud to set-up a stall selling two simple fruits, semi-ripe mangoes and pineapples. Although not very interesting at first, the show stopper was all the different sauces, dressings and toppings added to the fruits to give it that explosive taste. We had a selection flavours to choose from; fiery garlic and coriander salsa, zesty Thai dressing and citrus syrup to mention a few. Then to add another layer of 'tastebud tickling' flavour we threw in a range of nuts, roasted sesame seeds, chilli flakes, caramelised onion and a big tub of enthusiasm. Shook it all around and voila! Your tasty, scrumpcilicous mango & pineapple salsa.

The crowds were intrigued at this innovative way of dressing up fruits. One person raised her eye brows and said, "these mangoes aren't ripe, how can you eaten them?" Then once she tried it her response was, " the flavours go very well with the semi-ripe mangoes, there's a kick at the end that did it for me".

" I never knew you can add lemongrass and lime leaves to mangoes, it tastes really good."

"Who would put coriander in fruits?" Anon

Well us Asians do! Then again we put coriander in everything!

The Idea Behind it?

Eating fruits with savoury flavours is not a new concept. Having grown up in Bangladesh I am accustomed to eating raw fruits with salt, chillies and garlic. We used to have a mango tree in our orchard, and whenever there was heavy storm the night before, we would go out the next morning and pick up the fallen green mangoes of the ground. And what did we do with them? We made chutneys and pickles.

We now provide exotic fruit stations at weddings and other parties with all the ethnic salsa and sauces. And they are defintely a hit with the guests.

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