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Aldi's Seasonal Fruit & Vegetable Carvings for Halloween - By Fruitima

Pumpkin Carving is so last season! Let us inspire you to have fun with fruits and other wide range of vegetables this Halloween.

I am please to announce a fantastic project with Aldi UK who are on a mission to inspire the shoppers to let their imaginations run wild this Halloween by carving their ‘Jack-O-Lanterns’ using an array of fresh fruit and vegetables.

They want to encourage shoppers to explore the art of ghoulish carving on onions, apples, sprouts and courgettes.

I had an amazing time creating these scary monsters; the apple skull, the courgette skeletons, the onion ghosts and the gory old faced swede. It all came together just like the Adam's family sitting down for family dinner.

How to Create Onion Ghost?

Things you will need:

1 large white onion

1 carving knife

2x cocktail sticks


  1. Peel the skin off the onion.

  2. Hold the onion with the root part facing up and Slice off a section at the front. This will leave a flat surface on the onion.

  3. On the flat part of the onion, make two holes using the end point of the knife to create the eyes. Then make a slightly larger hole to make the mouth.

  4. Cut off the sides of the onion in a wavy shape to form the body of the ghost.

  5. Use the sliced of parts of the onion to make the arms by cutting it into a crescent moon shape. Stick the arms on the side of the body with cocktail sticks.

  6. Your Halloween ghost is ready to scare the wits out of people.

How to create Scary Spiders with Brussel Sprouts

Things you will need:

4-5 x Brussels sprouts

2x cloves

1 small kitchen knife

A box of cocktail sticks


  1. You will need one sprout to make the body of the spider and another one to create to head.

  2. Take a larger one and trim the root part of the sprout.

  3. Take the smaller one and peel off the leaves until the sprout is reduced in size for the head part and trim off the root.

  4. Use a cocktail stick to attach the head onto the body (attaching the root sections together).

  5. Use a separate sprout and peel off the individual leaves. You will need at least 8.

  6. Take a leaf and hold from the root section and slice along the centre to make a slither for the spider’s legs. You will need 8 of these.

  7. Cut the cocktail sticks in half or even smaller. With them to attached the legs on the body of the spider.

  8. Take the cloves and insert them on the head to create the eyes. Your scary Brussel sprout spider is ready.

Worried about the wasted flesh left over after carving your ghoulish ,master pieces?

Then Do Not Fear! Aldi has also developed a range of seasonal recipes ideal for concocting in your cauldrons … ‘bone’ appétit.

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