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Anish and Rupa's Reception Event Summer 2015


Having a had just a couple of hours of sleep, we were ready the next day to do it all over again. This time it was a black tie event, with the gentlemen in the bow tie and dinner jackets and the ladies in their chic evening wear. There were aerial artists performing from the ceiling, whilst the contortionists did their thing on the table tops.

The second day was as extravagant as the first but with its own unique twist and exquisiteness.


Again the preparation of the fruits wasn’t as straight forward as I had first envisaged. We were building a large man-size fruit tower. The problem was we were short of one staff. Our friendly neighbours visited us again and not only did they enjoy the sweet nectar, they decided to sting one of my staff, Sahar. Yes I am talking about the wasps again. As it was a lovely hot summer day and the food marquee was quite open, the wasps came buzzing at the first smell of fruits.

Having sent Sahar to the chemist to get some medication, the poor soul got lost in the country lanes of Bletchingley, the satnav had no connection and her phone lost reception. Having lost an hour in all the trepidation we finally located Sahar and she came back to the venue in one piece.


As we were pressed for time, and the set-up deadline was fast approaching, we were given extra staff to help us to complete it all. We had approximately 100 individual fruit pots make, then the fruit bouquets needed to be completed. We had to cut enough fruits to serve another 1000 plus guests, which were to be placed directly on the central table.

And lastly, we finally built the magnanimous Fruit Tower which was placed in the centre of the table. The cut fruits were placed on the table surrounding the Fruit Tower, forming a wave just like the waves flowing from the sea to the shore. A room separator was placed in front of our display so that the guests wouldn’t be able to have a sneak peak of our masterpiece until it was ready.


And when the fruit table was ready, I stood back and took a long glance at it, feeling content and proud of my team. We built a centrepiece that said, ‘Vavavoom’,

As the guests awaited eagerly to enter the food marquee, again with a wide range of delectable cuisines, it was the bride and the groom and their parents who had the first opportunity to make the grand entrance into the food court and take a taste from each section. We received many compliments for the fruit tower and the most favourite carving was of the couple’s silhouette, which we put on the show again.

The night was very busy, the fruit station was very popular with guests constantly coming taking plates and plates of fruits. And we were constantly cutting and replenishing. I under estimated how much Indian people loved their fruits and often have it as a main meal.


I met some amazing people at the event and had some wonderful conversations with other suppliers with whom we connected very well. Every supplier had a unique palette to serve.

It was 12:30am and time for us to pack-up. But the guests kept on coming. We left the fruit station as it was as the guests were going to be here for the next day. As we packed up and put our things in the van, the caterers prepared for the morning breakfast, the guests enjoyed some live early morning music with Harp players.

To sum up this event, well what can I say. Its not every day we get to be part of such an amazing event and after all the stress, sweat and blood, I enjoyed every moment of it. All the best to a beautiful couple Anish and Rupa.


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