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You can always Bank on a Fruit Carving Story


I am honored to have worked on this commercial with HSBC UK.

Isn't it wonderful to be able to tell your story from different places. This story begins in a Micheline star Chinese restaurant called Red N Hot in China Town. As I arrived with my pre-carved fruits and my carving tools, I saw the production team setting up the camera and lights. The restaurant people were setting it all uo for the big shoot. I sat down at one of the tables that was ready for me and started to carve different kinds of fruits and vegetables for the shoot. These carvings were going to be the star of the show for 10 seconds. Yes that's Fame for you!

As well as carving fruits, I spent the whole day watching how meticulous each step of the filming was. They tried filming with different fruits, from different angles, with a combination of fruits, with a single carved fruit. I met some amazing people and also the star of the show. It was an awesome experience.Who would have thought banking and fruit carving would come together in such an amicable setting.

HSBC UK - Full Advert

HSBC UK - The Fruit Carving Advert


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