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Watch Nasima On Channel 4 - Kirstie's Handmade Christmas

Rendezvous with Rudolph and Santa

When I received the phone call from the producers of Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas, I was absolutely ecstatic. Although I have appeared on national TV before, with big names such as the Hairy Bikers and David Walliams; this time it was different. This time it was going to be about me. Well a tiny bit was about me and the rest was about Christmas themed fruit carving.

From that first call to the day of the airing, it’s been a energy raising, plate throwing and adrenaline jumping journey. The shoot of the program took place in summer and I was in the middle of a house move. So my stress level was higher than usual. It began with a screen shot then skype casting interview, then many many phone conversations about my idea to project on the show. I loved talking. When I spoke to the researchers and the producers I was completely in the zone.

The shoot day finally arrived and I was tired. Shattered to be exact. It was the day after doing the Ninja Turtle Carving. I came back to my 10 year old dwelling where things were packed in boxes, partway through my relocation to pastures green 60 miles away.

In the morning, I went through the lists of do’s and dont's on TV. What to wear what not to wear on TV. checking myself 50 times in the mirror.

When the producer arrived, she took some time setting up the camera and decorated my kitchen with Christmas lights. She also suggested putting on some tinsels and Christmas tree and even suggested I wear a santa’s hat. Then the thought of my family disowning me swayed me to settle with the fairy lights. Or was I just imaging this scene?

Then it was the curtain call. I was ready to go on stage and do my thang. My kitchen is my platform and my worktop is the stage. Carving fruits and vegetables into reindeer and Santa Clause and talking about it came naturally to me. I had many mishaps on camera; the leg of the deer broke a good few times, and I was cursing the damn squash for putting my reputation on the line. But a few handy tricks fixed it in the end.

I love my craft. And because it resonates with my culture, my upbringing and childhood, I enjoyed every minute of it. I was able to tell my story in front of millions of people. And it felt amazing!


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