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Lets Talk About Food Rationing

It all seems surreal doesn’t it? We have not had a war or a bombshell in the UK since WWII. But did we ever imagine that we would be following a similar process of rationing as we did in WWII Britain? On one side there’s a feeling of excitement as if we’re all in a movie. Our next mission is to build a secret bunker to avoid the Alien Corona. And then there’s the feeling of confusion, uncertainty and lots of emotion. The rational mum in me says it’s a good lesson for us and the younger generation to learn to do without the luxuries in life. But let’s stay positive as this too will pass. We can do a few things to make the next few weeks and months a little easier. Such as food rationing and meal planning, devise activities for your kids throughout this process and remember carry on doing what you love. If you love to dance, do it in your lounge. If you love cooking well what’s stopping you? So lets start with food rationing. WHAT IS RATION? Ration is a fixed amount of a commodity officially allowed to each person during a time of shortage, usually in wartime. According to Wikipedia “Rationing is the controlled distribution of scarce resources, goods, services. Rationing controls the size of the ration." But what does ration mean for us who are struggling with all the empty shelves in the supermarkets not battling an invasion from a foreign alien. But battling panic buying and hoarding of commodities leaving our fellow humans without essentials to go by. It means, at home we should ration what we eat on a daily/weekly basis. Rationing is the idea to limit the amount of food a family eats in a given day or week. The best way to know how and what to ration is to make a weekly meal plan. Once you have decided what to cook daily, you can ration your ingredients. The way we did it in our household is to have a box for each week, and we rationed food for three weeks. We refrained from stocking up in one go, but did a few small shopping at a time ensuring there was enough on the shelves for other people.



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