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One-Pot Roast Chicken and Biryani Dish

Video Recipe

One-Pot Roast Chicken and Biryani Dish At times like this I am not in a mood to create food that's too lavish or complicated. But I do want to create dishes that are quick, easy and still wholesome. The most efficient wholesome food to eat when rationing are ones with lots of gravy and sauce. With these you can add substantial value to them and feed a lot more people. With curries, soups, one pot dishes and stews you can make in bulk, freeze a portion and use up as and when needed. Even when they dry up you can always water it down to make it go a little further.

I created this easy one pot dish where you can have a roast chicken, a biryani and vegetables in one pot, cooked altogether in the oven. And it's so delicious. Check out the video below.


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