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My simple sausage and mash for dinner. I went shopping in Asda and saw these lovely halal sausages. It was calling out to me "Sausage and Mash". Nor could I resist the steak on the shelf either. So I decided to cook Sausage and Mash with home-made onion gravy. Plus steak with couscous.

Everything in the recipe is straightforward. As in you know how to fry the sausages and how the make mash potato. I am going to tell you how to make this delicious onion and mustard gravy. I realised I cometely ran out of ready made gravy granules and you cannot have sausage and mash nor steak without gravy, I decided to make my own.

Just remember to reserve the oil from the sausage after frying them. And use the pan cooked the steak in. There is always lots of flavour left in the pans. So here's the recipe

Onion Gravy

Ingredients 1 Small onion 1 tbsp Oil from the sausages 2 tsp corn flour 1 pinch of crushed black pepper 1 pinch of crushed whole mustard Sprinkle of dried herbs Salt to taste

METHOD 1. First of all take the pan in which that you made the steaks in and put on very low heat. Add half cup of hot water and swirl around the pan. Set aside.

2. Heat a separate pan with 1 tbsp of oil from the fried sausages. Fry the onions until golden brown. 2. Add the salt, pepper, mustard and herbs and fry for further two minutes. 3. Add the corn flour and mix for about two minutes then add the juice from the steak pan. Mix well. 4. Then add 1.5 cup of hot water and mix well. Simmer for a further 5 minutes until the sauce thickens. 6. As my kids do not like onions, I blitz the gravy to make it slightly smooth. But if you prefer you may keep it as it is with the fried onions kept visible.

Drizzle the gravy over the sausage and mash and enjoy!


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