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Thailand Trip - Krabi Day 2

We took an Internal flight to Krabi from Bangkok. The drive to the hotel from Krabi airport was very scenic. As we entered the hotel into the lobby I was amazed at its location. Set on top of a lake with mountainous back drop it was a scene from a postcard.

The foyer was completely open with lounge beds and bulky oblong cushions to rest on.

We booked a tour with the hotel. Island hopping. It was going to be a whole day excursion. The next morning we woke up early had quick breakfast and rushed out on the shared truck. The passenger truck picked up other residents of nearby hotel and took us to the local beach. As we waited for our speed boat we were instructed to take the our shoes off before we got on the boat. We donned the safety jacket as the boat sped off into the sea. First stop was x island. The boat rested and allowed us 40mins to explore the area. My hubbys clever thinking of buying a picnic mat allowed us to enjoy and relax under the sun. The best part for me was walking across the ocean to get to the adjacent island 200 meters away. The water was crystal clear and you could see your feet through the water. The sand was clean and smooth and as I stepped into the sand my feet felt as if I was walking in a giant spa. Bedazzled with its amazing glory the whole scene was amazing picturesque. The sandunes, the clear turquoise water, islands and palms trees in the background, its nothing short of paradise. We got back on our speed boat and visited a few more islands; chicken island was o e of them. The next part was my favorite; snorkeling. The boat anchored in the middle of the see adjacent to a cliff. We were to jump off the boat and either swim or snorkel. My husband and my older boy went into water first. Sahir was a little u comfortable at first. But with the encouragement of his dad he relaxed and began to enjoy the snorkeling. Then it was Aidan's turn. He absolutely loved it see. How cute did he look with his little life jacket, snorkels and swimming in the sea. Not foreseeing the difficulty of changing into a swimming costume, I put my snorkels on and jump in the water with my maxi dress and trousers. Oh my God, I can not tell the 'out of this world' feeling. The water was clean, the seabed was smooth and clear and the little fishes were the cutest thing I had ever see. And thanks to my life jacket it was all effortless. Other female passengers on the boat were apprehensive about jumping in. But after seeing my innuendo with the water they also jumped right in, with the full attire. Most of us swam around d the. Oat and near the cliff. This was. y best experience. The fourth and the last stop was the caves. Just before getting on the boat I went for a last swim in the water. All the beaches are very clean. The natives take pride in the islands and beaches and take utmost care keep it little and rubbish free.


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