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I always look forward to Ramadan, I know sounds crazy. But in a world where we are so absorbed by the daily grind this month brings some calmness and perspective. For the sake of piety and my own benefit I need to disconnect from this fast paced world and be at one with the creator. Yes many people will call me part-time believer but Ramadan is a kick up the backside for me. As a child I used to look forward to waking up at suhoor to have the big breakfast with the family. Three course meal set-up at the table with all the fine bone china set-up as if the queen was coming for tea. The deep convo with the family at 4am in the morning and the milkman nearly having a heart attack watching us through the window when he delivered the early morning milk round. In the afternoon I couldn't wait to come home from school to the smell of freshly fried samosa and pakora, the spicy chana, and all the other gastronomic focused food my mum had prepared. The iftar meal felt like such a treat after a long day at school. There was no guilt of eating without tab, because I knew I deserve it! Staying up late to do taraweeh prayers with my sisters and my niece and having to learn Subhana zil Mulki every every year all over again. I had so much stamina and zing back in the day. But now why does Ramadan feel like a chore. That excitement has diminished a great deal. Is it because I am getting older or has the time just changed. Or is it because we don't live with extended family in big houses anymore? Now it's just the 2.4 children, both working parents, rarely meet at dinner let alone have a fancy iftar meal together after rushing back from work. But I certainly enjoy a good iftar meal. But it has to be wholesome, healthy and flavoursome. That's why I take it up on myself to make delicious food during iftar. Its has to be quality over quantity. My recipes are for busy working parents that get little time to prepare a gourmet meal. With a bit of planning and forward thinking us supermums can also dodge the kitchen aid and get delicious meal on the table.

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