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Khatun's Kitchen Cookery Club

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We had an amazing time at our cupcake baking and decorating class.

When students come to my class, I don’t want them to learn from a hymn sheet. I want them to explore and experiment with flavours. I want them to show initiative and do things their own way.

I laid out ingredients such as wholes spices, fresh fruits, jam, desiccated coconut, dried fruits and different flavours. I wanted them to let their creativity to flow by trying out different flavours and ingredients in the cupcakes.

And guess what? They all got a bit wild and experimented with the ingredients in front of them. We grounded dried cinnamon and created apples and cinnamon cupcake. We grinned cardamom to create spicy banana cupcake. We used lots of chocolate chips; kids love chocolate. The aroma of cinnamon passed through our noses whilst it was being ground on the pestle and mortar.

Once the cupcakes were in the oven, the fresh smell of baked goodies filled the air.

During the decorating time, the kids learnt to add colour to fondant, make frosting, piping the cupcakes and creating beautiful roses.

For a first time effort, the girls did amazingly well. And their enthusiasm completely shined through.

Well Done to all those that attended!

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