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Nasima Khatun on CBeebies

I am absolutely thrilled to share with you my latest TV appearance on CBeebies program, ‘My First Festivals’ This was shot last year, for a popular kid’s program where the show follows a child on a new adventure and only aired now! This episode is about two British born Thai twins, Art and Enda who celebrate the Thai Festival of Vesak. I was invited to the boys’ school in London to teach the art of Fruit Carving. The boys reminded me of my son Aidan and they had lots of questions for me about Fruit Carving. Then we were joined by their class mates to participate in the carving of a lotus flower made from kiwi fruit. By the end of it there were squishy kiwis all over the classroom tables. The producers did an amazing job keeping the children stay focused and alert as some started eating the kiwi, some splatted them on the table, and others followed my steps whilst I went around showing them carving techniques using my ‘child friendly zig-zag tool’. The 2 hour long shoot took a lot of energy and practice but it was such good fun! Its amazing to see how all the post production steps churns out to a perfectly managed program. The kids did amazing! I am fortunate that my craft has given me the opportunity to do TV appearances few times a year as well as working on some amazing projects with well known Brands. You can view the full show on: I am on at 04:10.


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